Welcome to MacKenzie Homes & Commercial - a multi-award winning Mid North builder, specialising in custom built homes, additions, renovations and commercial works.

Our commercial work across the Clare Valley and beyond is individually suited to all our clients needs, delivering quality projects. We work with our team of designer’s and architecture’s to achieve commercial buildings to the highest standard.

MacKenzie Homes & Commercial undertake the whole process, from site work excavation to lockup. We have a high attention to detail, from the moment you require a quote until you receive your keys.

We love designing custom renovations to suit each clients’ needs, whether that be for small home improvements or adding on a large extension to your home. We promise we will share your vision and the outcome will be a high standard.


The Company is also an accredited ‘GreenSmart’ Builder having fulfilled the requirements for the Housing Industry. Having won the 2006 & 2008 HIA Sustainable Housing award, the project home had to meet a number of standards.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mackenzie Homes. Our quite significant home renovations were done to an excellent standard with Damian Mackenzie only employing quality tradespeople and ensuring the work was done right, or if there were any issues he would fix things with little debate. Damian has an excellent attention to detail and a high commitment to ensuring quality outcomes. He worked well with our architect and was always available to talk to us when needed, and Deb was a fantastic liaison point and administrator. We are very happy with our improved home.

About Mackenzie Homes & Commercial

Debra and Damian have been working together for almost 40 years. Undertaking Architectural Custom Built Homes and Commercial projects including local and state government contracts in the Clare Valley and throughout the Mid North and surrounding areas. 

We are a family business and pride ourselves on producing the highest quality build we can. We look forward to working with you on your next exciting project.