Our Builds

Our team is with you every step of the way of your building or renovation journey. Our design and construction team, collaborate very closely with you to create blueprints and craft homes that fit within your vision, lifestyle and budget.

Residential Homes

Building a home is probably the most significant investment anyone will have in their lifetime – which is why choosing the right builder is so important.


What you can expect from MacKenzie Homes & Commercial? Serious attention to detail, from the moment you require a quote until you receive your keys.


If you require an architect or draftsperson, MacKenzie Homes & Commercial can link you with experienced professionals, and once plans are finalised will undertake a comprehensive fixed price, no obligation, free quotation.


Once plans are completed, assistance can be given to clients, if required, to submit them for approval by the local council.


MacKenzie Homes & Commercial undertake the whole process, from site work excavation to lockup. Damian MacKenzie is qualified to project manage construction and ensures ongoing consultation with owners every step of the way throughout the project.

We had a great experience building our home with MacKenzies Homes. Damian is a very skilled builder and operator and communicated well with us at all times. The building started and finished on time. We were travelling weekly from Adelaide to Clare and Damian was always on site to meet with us when he said he would be and explained clearly what was going on. We have since engaged MacKenzies to do a guest suite extension on the original house and again everything has gone smoothly.

Commercial Builds

Our commercial work across the Clare Valley and beyond is individually suited to each and every clients needs, delivering quality projects within budgets. 


From local football clubrooms and kitchens to local businesses in need of a new office space to school stadiums and a high end visitor centre, we work with our team of designer’s and architecture’s to achieve commercial buildings to the highest standard.


Using local labour, tradespeople and suppliers wherever possible, who apply extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to their work, we have developed a reputation for attention to detail, from the detailed no obligation quote to the final cleaning at completion just before handing over the keys.


We have established a good working relationship with local tradespeople and architects so you can be assured of a cooperative and open communication approach throughout your commercial build.

We asked MacKenzie Homes to build us a bespoke home for our bed and breakfast business. I must say that they were absolutely fabulous with the way they developed my idea into what is now our most sought after accommodation. They were on time every step of the way and did a meticulous job of building. I cannot speak more highly of their wonderful, friendly and supportive service.

Additions & Extensions

We love designing custom renovations to suit each clients’ needs, whether that be for small home improvements or adding on a large extension to your home. We work closely with our local trades and architectures who specialise bringing old homes with character back to their best.   


We “push the boundary” of sustainable design and development. The trend towards increasing sustainability in all aspects of the construction industry also provides technical challenges that keep it all interesting as new environmentally friendly building products and materials are constantly coming on the market.


We are able to work and adjust to your selected style, working with homes featuring a clean, simplistic approach or homes that are more complex with added detail. No matter what your style is, we promise we will share your vision and the outcome will be completed to a high standard.


Our team and local tradesman work with the best materials and fittings to create beautiful additions or extensions.

Our beautiful home in Emu Flat SA was completed in 2015. Damian MacKenzie and his team were very responsive, respectful and professional. The house was finished within a reasonable time frame. The attention to detail is evident in the structure and finishes. Since the completion Damian has been very responsive to any queries and has attended the property when requested or required. We got the house we wanted and continue to be very happy with it.

Green Smart Builds

The issue of sustainability in built form is increasingly important for the future wellbeing of society and future generations, which is why MacKenzie Homes and Commercial became an accredited “GreenSmart” Builder.


The company fulfilled the requirements for the Housing Industry Association’s GreenSmart Training and Accreditation program, and in 2006 and 2008 won the Sustainable Housing category at the annual HIA awards.


Since becoming a GreenSmart professional builder, Damian MacKenzie and his team have completed a number of “energy efficient” homes.


The implementation of sustainable practices in land development and building construction can contribute significantly to environmental conservation and community and economic prosperity.


The Sustainable Housing Award recognises those builders who have excelled in incorporating environmental, social and economic sustainability into their homes through good design and construction practice. Eligible entrants to the awards need to fulfil the elements in liveability, energy efficiency, water efficiency, construction and materials.


The housing design should maintain modern standards of comfort, and technologies used should be transferable to the general housing industry.


In “pushing the boundary” of sustainable development these buildings will be developed to meet the needs of urban and regional development through the integration of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity.